Private Herb Walks

Checking out plants at Moore Creek Preserve.

During herb walks, we mix the anecdotal with the experiential. I spend time pointing out different medicinal herbs and explaining their uses, while also leading a variety of activities to help you engage your senses and heighten your own awareness of the natural world and the plant communities around you. I am a former children’s outdoor educator, and play and fun are a big part of my style, just as much as time for quiet observation and introspection.

These walks can be tailored to fit your interests. For example, a walk could focus specifically on edible plants, native vs. non-native plants, wildflowers, medicinal plants, natural and human history of place, etc.

Locations, Group Size, & Pricing

I offer educational herb walks in a variety of locations in Santa Cruz County. Most often, herb walks are given at a public park like Pogonip or Moore Creek. When planning a private walk, we will agree on a location together.

Private walks for individuals or parties up to 8 people are available on request. Children are welcome to attend and these walks can be tailored to them, too! Rates for walks start at $65/hour for up to 3 people. After that there is a charge for $10 per additional attendee.

Contact me to start planning a private walk!

Plant Comrade Sessions

Plant Comrade Sessions are private 1-hour sessions that are open to a variety of plant-related purposes. Through a session together, we can:

A couple of my favorite herbal books: The Prisoner’s Herbal by Nicole Rose, Medicinal Herbs of Santa Cruz County by Levi Glatt, and The Modern Herbal Dispensatory by Thomas Easley and Steven Horne
  • engage in herbalism study mentorship or private lessons
  • cover general health-related and herbal questions
  • discuss medicine-making techniques
  • brainstorm community herbalism projects
  • trading thoughts on zine-making, witchcraft, queer herbalism, land connection, etc.

And lots more! My herbalism is queer, bioregional, nature-aware, and committed to anti-oppression and unsettling work. If you vibe with that, a session together could work well! You can learn more about my trainings and traditions by reading this page.

I am currently offering these sessions over Zoom to anyone in the U.S. or in person in an outdoor, distanced setting at my location in Santa Cruz. Contact me to schedule a session.

If you are looking for an herbal consultation about your own personal health issues, please read the Folk Herbalism Consultations section below.


Plant Comrade sessions cost $55/hour. If you are interested in having ongoing sessions, check out the Rose Magic tier of my Patreon. Patrons at that level receive a Plant Comrade session every other month.

Folk Herbalism Consultations

I am a folk herbalist. This means many things, but one important detail is that unlike a clinical herbalist, I do not have the level of training and skill to support you in your specific health issues in the longterm. Instead, I offer one-time consultation sessions.

A gorgeous California poppy, Eschscholzia californica, perhaps best known for its properties as a sleep aid.

These consist of one intake interview, usually 1.5 hours long, in which I ask you questions about your health history, your emotional history, and your day to day health and life experience. Many people find that the intake alone is a unique and healing experience – it’s a chance to retrace your life’s path and a way for both of us to search for the roots of your emotional and physical patterns. I offer consultations online via Zoom to anyone in the U.S.

Based on this intake, I compile a list of recommendations for herbs, practices, and topics for you to further research that I believe will assist you in your healing journey. I will often suggest a group of herbs paired together as a formula in the form of a tea, tincture, powder, or another medium. I am available to create these custom formulas for you upon your request.

Folk herbalism consultations can be helpful for navigating a range of issues and life events, including grief and loss, health changes, supporting digestive or immune health, and connecting to plants on a magical and ancestral level. For more information about my personal trainings, traditions, and specialties, read this page.


A folk herbalism consultation costs $75-$140. This price includes the time I spend doing additional research and compiling recommendations for you following our session. If you’d like me to create custom medicine for you, custom tinctures cost $12/oz and custom tea blends cost $3/oz.

The sliding scale through which I offer my services enables me to serve people at a variety of income levels while also sustaining myself. I consider the full cost of a consultation to be $110. Any payment above that number helps “pay it forward” so that folks who need to pay below that number can also access my services. If you are new to sliding scale or need to take a moment to honestly assess your economic means, please read this page. Thank you for your integrity when choosing what to pay.

Accessing My Services at Lower Income Levels

If you are interested in a folk herbalism consultation but the sliding scale is out of reach for you, please get in touch. Currently I reserve two consultation slots every month at a Pay What You Can rate for low-income folks. I encourage you to do this especially if you identify as Black, Indigenous, a person of color, or raised working class.

Contact me to schedule a consultation.