Whiteness Zine

zines on table

a letter to my white friends: thoughts on challenging whiteness and creating radical new identities

to purchase via PayPal:

$5 +$1.65 shipping paper copy

$4 for e-copy

you will receive an email invoice asking for a confirmed shipping address or with the PDF zine attached to the email your PayPal is linked to.

During Black History Month, a percentage of the proceeds, about $60, went to Black Lives Matter!   Currently, $1.25 from the sale of each zine (physical or e-copy) is donated to Protect Juristac. Donations are pooled and made on a semi-monthly basis. This aspect of the project was inspired directly by Ta-Nehisi Coates’ essay “The Case for Reparations” and WhiteAccomplices.org.

32 pages full of articles, quotes, interactive questions, and resources, all focused on whiteness.I believe that, as white people, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves about issues of race and how our identity impacts other and effects everything we do. If you are a white person wanting to take part in social movements but unsure of where you fit, I made this zine for you 🙂 this zine is created from my experiences as a white person organizing in social justice spaces, as well as my years of research and study on white racial identity, racism, and anti-racist/abolitionist tactics. the zine includes my 3 “a letter to my white friends” articles which have been edited and expanded, several other pieces on aspects of the white identity and anti-racism (such as reparations and Trumpism), lots of excellent quotes, soul-searching questions white folks should ask themselves, and many, many resources for white people looking to educate themselves further on many topics mentioned in this zine, as well as suggestions of ways to get involved in the fight for racial justice. 5-hole pamphlet stitch-bound with black thread.

Here are links to my “a letter to my white friends” series for a taste of what this zine is like: “We Fear Seeing Ourselves Clearly”“Smashing White Fragility, Fear, and Guilt”, and “Cultural Appropriation and the Search for Cultural Belonging.”


“I just finished reading the zine and was very moved and inspired. I especially liked the part about reconnecting with your culture and ancestry, and am trying to delve into that and talk about it with others.” – Kate O., Community organizer, Santa Cruz, CA

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