Radical Mapping Project

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.21.07 PM
Image by Nazareth Velazco

The Radical Mapping Project is a fieldwork journey and social justice networking project. September 2017 marked the beginning of a three+ month road trip around the US (Turtle Island)  to visit spaces, activists, and organizations that participate in socially transformative work-especially those centering LGBTQ+ folks and POC in their leadership. Through conducting interviews, blogging, and photo documentation the goal of RMP is to record the lives of activists today – their struggles, visions, needs, and victories. From worker-owned cafés to free schools, housing co-ops to feminist libraries, the project focuses on people and spaces that are facilitating new ways of connecting to each other and the earth that live out the values of sustainability, justice, and grassroots power.

Our project is currently in its post-travel phase. Two of the co-founders, including myself, are slowly producing blog posts on all of our interviews, and going through all of our interview documentations to produce new findings and projects centering around the nature and livelihoods of U.S. radical activist culture. Please read our blog for continued updates on the project.

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Somewhat recently, I gave a presentation on this project and the different types of funding structures and alternatives to the Nonprofit Industrial Complex we encountered during our research. That presentation is now available here!

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