Cultivating Closeness is my most-loved class! This 6-week series on building secure attachment and strong relationships through the power of flower essences will begin Sunday February 12th and is offered both online via zoom and in-person in Santa Cruz, CA. Together we will learn to create and work with flower essences, and make space to observe and explore our attachment/relationship styles. We will also cover skills, concepts, and ideas to apply towards deepening your relationships through an anti-oppression, queer-literate, and liberation-focused framework. Learn more and sign up here:

Offered again in Spring 2023, check back in March for dates!

Becoming a Medicine Maker is a 4-Week Series on traditional preparations of medicinal herbs and practices for building community health, beginning Sunday October 16th from 12:30-3:30pm in Santa Cruz, CA. Together we will learn to make teas, oils & salves, flower essences, & tinctures. We’ll also cover reading the signs of the body, so you can immediately begin to apply what you learn and create greater wellbeing for yourself and your community. Learn more and sign up here:

During plant walks, I spend time pointing out different medicinal herbs and explaining their uses, while also leading activities to help you heighten your awareness of the natural world and the plant communities around you. These walks can be tailored to fit your interests. For example, a walk could focus specifically on edible plants, native vs. non-native plants, wildflowers, medicinal plants, natural and human history of place, etc. Learn more here:

I host the Autonomous Herbalism Learning Community, an educational hub to connect with plant medicine through an anti-oppression framework, through Patreon. Proceeds from this platform directly support me and various herbal mutual aid projects I’m a part of. All supporters receive access to a monthly live Q+A and a monthly podcast episode featuring our Herb of the Month and a PDF of a plant profile. Learn more and join us here: