Immune Medicine Herbal Bundle and Zine

Immune Medicine Herbal Bundle and Zine 


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These bundles include five different herbal remedies, all of them targeted at supporting various parts of the body’s immune system.

+ Cleavers lymph tonic is a preserved juice of cleavers herb, an herb that encourages movement of the lymphatic fluid. It can be taken internally and applied topically to soften lymph nodes. 1 oz dropper bottle.

+ Lung Love Oxymel is a blend of peach fruit, licorice root, astragalus root, mullein leaf, rose buds, mugwort, and California poppy infused into apple cider vinegar and combined with honey to create a sweet-sour remedy with floral notes. All of these herbs serve to moisten, strengthen, and support the lungs. 1 oz dropper bottle.

+ Anti-viral Elixir combines thyme, mullein, lemon balm, and oregano in a brandy-vodka tincture sweetened with honey. This was formulated with the intention of having strong anti-viral actions and a strengthening effect on the lungs. 1 oz dropper bottle.

+ Yarrow Flower Essence holds space for you to do boundary work, and helps you determine what’s yours and what isn’t. 1 oz dropper bottle.

+ Super Lotion is a handmade with 8 different herbs! Bay leaf, oregano, thyme, yarrow, lavender, lemon balm, rosemary, and calendula infused into a coconut-olive oil blend combine with beeswax and hydrosol to create a lotion that’s intended to protect and soothe the skin, the immune system’s largest barrier organ. 2 oz tin.

+ a 14 page zine that unpacks a lot more information about each of these remedies and how and when to use them, plus further reading and resources and contraindications/safety information.

My friend and collaborator Felix and I spent the last several months creating these – everything from growing and sourcing the herbs to making the medicine to writing about it to create the zine together! It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m so excited to share these with y’all!