How to Use Sliding Scale Payments

I choose to make my services available on a sliding scale in an effort to make them financially accessible. This is also a source of income that partially sustains me and allows me to keep doing this type of work. Please honestly evaluate your current and generational financial reality before making your payment. I encourage you to use the sliding scale chart included below, created by Hadassah Damien at Ride Free Fearless Money. For a readable PDF, click here.

Quoted from Hadassah: “It’s ok to have resources! And it’s ok not to have them. That’s what a scale is meant to account for…Often we find that folks who’ve experienced early-life abundance who are *currently temporarily scarce* select lower on the scale than people who’ve experienced early-life scarcity who are temporarily abundant. That’s not what’s supposed to happen — and it doesn’t create a sustainable practice for the practitioner.”