Herbalism Mentorship Sessions

 “A new capacity for care becomes a common reservoir of strength to face the future together.”- Inhabit

Medicine Making and Plant Study Mentorship Sessions

By learning the skills encompassed in the craft of herbalism, you strengthen your connection to the Earth, your contribution to your community, your understanding of your own body, and your capacity to work toward liberation and health for all. These mentorship sessions are born out of a dream that everyone might someday know and practice their own healing traditions.

Homemade medicines: fire cider, tinctures, salves

Mentorship sessions are also a great option because they are tailored to your herbal path. Whether you are a beginner looking for a way to get started, or a seasoned medicine maker looking for answers on a particular topic, mentorship sessions are a great way to connect with new ideas, resources, and herbal perspectives. Through sessions with me, you can learn about:

  • Creating a functional home apothecary that can serve as a resource for physical and emotional ills
  • Making various types of herbal medicine: tea blends, tinctures, oils, lotions, salves, hydrosols, vingegars, etc. and exploring different techniques
  • Appropriately storing, packaging, and administering your herbal creations
  • Identifying and using weeds and plants growing near you as medicine
  • Growing and stewarding a medicine garden to stock your home apothecary
  • Cooking nourishing and revitalizing foods with the kitchen magic of culinary herbalism
  • Applying herbs for physical and emotional distress
  • Finding the right herb for a specific person
  • Creating community-focused herbal projects to provide health resources to others
  • Connecting with legacies and traditions of anti-oppression herbalism, health justice movements, and ancestral herbal practices
  • Strengthening your connection to nature, spirit, yourself and other humans, and the other-than-human world
  • Forming ideas of health on your own terms

You can learn more about my herbal training and approach by reading this page.

Rates and Booking a Session

Sessions are offered at a sliding scale of $60-$90/hr. I consider the full cost of a session to be $75. Any payment above that number helps “pay it forward” so that folks who need to pay below that number can also access my services. If you are new to sliding scale or need to take a moment to honestly assess your economic means, please read this page. Thank you for your integrity when choosing what to pay.

If you are interested in having ongoing sessions, check out the Rose Magic tier of my Patreon. Patrons at that level receive a session every quarter, along with many other benefits.

I am currently offering these sessions over Zoom to anyone in the U.S. or in person in an outdoor, distanced setting at my location in Santa Cruz. Book a session using the Calendly link below. You will receive payment details in an email asking you to confirm your booking.

If you are looking for an herbal consultation about your own personal health issues, please read the Herbal Guidance Consultations section below. If you are looking for experiential education in the field, like experience identifying wild plants, please look at the Private Herb Walks section at the bottom of this page.

If private lessons aren’t accessible to you but you are still interested in herbal education, please check out the tiers on my Patreon, my monthly Open Hours, and my newsletter for affordable herbal education resources.

“We ourselves must begin practicing in the social realm the capacity to care for each other, to share food, skills, time, and ideas that up to now most of us have limited to our most personal cherished relationships…..We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other.” – Grace Lee Boggs, The Next American Revolution