The Autonomous Herbalism Learning Community

An educational hub to connect with herbal medicine through an anti-oppression framework.

A year membership gives you access to a small, friendly online community where people build connection, autonomy, and resilience through the power of herbal healing.

What’s Included:

3 Membership Paths:

Sale prices on yearly memberships available through January 31st.


All features listed above.


All features from the previous level, PLUS a monthly live workshop.


All features from the previous levels, PLUS a quarterly one on one herbal learning session with Magic.

Special Offer for Fruits of Knowledge & Private Study Tiers Through Jan 31st

A free 30-minute 1:1 session for folks who join the Fruits of Knowledge or Private Sessions tiers in January!

Let’s talk herbs, holistic health, and anti-oppression practice over zoom!

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What Folks are Saying:

“They take a potentially intimidating topic and break it down into smaller lessons that make herbalism very approachable. I appreciate the obvious care they put into making these lessons accessible for all kinds of learning styles and highly recommend them!”
– Eva K.

“The sheer breadth and depth of information is amazing. I have learned so much from you!”
– Felix P.

“The way you write and teach about herbalism is so clear yet also so full of energy. It gets me excited about the possibilities of plant medicine too!”
– bree b.

A Closer Look at AHLC Content & Topics

Who I Am and Why I Do This:

This Space Is For You If:

  • You want to become competent and confident in herbal healing skills so you can bring more health and resilience to yourself and your community
  • You’re interested in holistic healing techniques but overwhelmed by purity culture, fatphobia, neoliberalism, and other biases that wellness culture carries, and need a learning space where these are questioned
  • You’re looking for a space that’s queer- and trans-affirming to discuss health topics
  • Becoming a part of an herbal community that values principles like mutual aid and health autonomy sounds appealing to you
  • You want to build an herbal practice that’s aligned with your values and use it as a tool to actively create the better world you know is possible


Do I need prior experience with herbalism?

Nope! I try to center my content towards folks at various levels. My monthly resource lists often contain a lot of helpful supplemental tutorials and resources, and the Discord and monthly Q+A are also great places to get any questions answered and quality input from fellow herbalists! All you need is an interest in herbalism.

How do the upper tiers vote on workshop topics?

Folks on the Fruits of Knowledge and Private Sessions tiers vote on workshop topics on a rolling 6-month basis. Members are also welcome to DM me with requests for workshop topics anytime.

What types of herbalism practices do you teach?

I have been studying Traditional Western Herbalism for the last 8 years, so my teachings tend to focus there. Not clear what Traditional Western Herbalism means? You can read more about my training and traditions here.

What time are the community calls and workshops held?

I’m based on the West Coast, and tend to schedule things for evenings (5:00 or 6:00pm PT) or late mornings/early afternoons on weekends (11am-2pm PT). Timing is somewhat flexible though, and I welcome feedback or requests.

What do you mean by anti-oppression herbalism?

I have a set of principles that I try to follow in my own herbal practice that also form the basis of a lot of what I teach! Read more about that here.

Why a January Sale?

I am committed to offering free and low-cost options for herbal education, because I strongly believe in the importance of health autonomy and community care, and want everyone who wants these resources to have access to them. This year, my financial circumstances are changing, so I am asking my community to make a yearlong commitment to supporting my work, in order to carve out a more sustainable livelihood for myself.

In order to support my basic living expenses and continue to provide these offerings, I am running this January sale to garner some support for my work. This sale also gives folks a lower-cost opportunity to commit to a year of herbal learning! 2023 can be the year you build your apothecary, while also supporting other folks to do the same through your support for my work.

Will you do a sale like this later in the year?

Probably not. Patreon only makes it possible for me to offer sales like this on year-long memberships, and I am considering migrating to another platform in 2024 (the fees are STEEP – more than 10% for platform services and payment processing!). I’m telling you about this to let you know this is a special opportunity, and a limited one due to my life circumstances, not forced scarcity.

I will, however, be having a couple more special offers this year where folks who join at a certain tier receive something extra – in the past this has included something like a 3-card oracle reading or a zine on herbal community care!

Questions? Contact Me Here: