Open Hours

Postponed until February 2022 due to local Omicron surge

Open Hours is a monthly event during which attendees can get hands-on experiential herbal education by helping me do various garden and medicine-making tasks. Open Hours are not structured as a class, but more as a collaborative work session. Participants learn by doing, whether that’s how to press out a tincture or how to harvest mint leaves to encourage plant growth. This offering is primarily for folks local to Santa Cruz who may have economic difficulty accessing herbal education in other ways, and folks who are interested in getting involved in herbal mutual aid projects. Read more about the purpose of Open Hours and the Open Hours Space Agreements.

To attend or find out when the next Open Hours are happening, email me at madeleinelkeller (at) gmail (dot) com.

Free Community Workshop Series

Free 1-hour workshops happening throughout the year, supported by the amazing folks on my Patreon.

Last year’s workshops: (recordings of all three are available to the folks on my mailing list)

Backyard Medicine: Herbs Growing Near You and How to Use ‘Em

Queerness of the Plant World

Supporting Good Digestion

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