Writer & community organizer

Hello, I’m Madeleine.

I’m a writer, zine author, community organizer, facilitator and training herbalist.  

I have many years of experience in facilitation and teaching, and have facilitated workshops, two university-accredited courses, and other classes. Most of these focused on social justice, education, and the importance of community.

As an organizer, I have led a successful campaign to ban the sale of bottled water on the university campus, defended peer to peer education efforts, coordinated many community events, and worked in consensus-based spacesI did my undergraduate field research in Missouri, where I organized at a local food co-op and studied challenges to community organizing in poor, white, rural communities.  I also initiated and am currently working on the Radical Mapping Project, focusing on the lifeways of activists and community organizers around the U.S.

Growing up in a rural area, I inherited a love for nature and have been identifying and working with plants since a young age. I am currently training in herbalism. I share my knowledge and herbal preparations here.

My writing draws from all of these experiences and disciplines. I have been writing on- and offline for years (read my blog and my archive). I write personal articles, freelance work, and copy for companies whose missions I agree with (please visit my Services page).

In her magical book The Next American Revolution, Grace Lee Boggs says “We ourselves must begin practicing in the social realm the capacity to care for each other, to share food, skills, time, and ideas that up to now most of us have limited to our most personal cherished relationships…..We urgently need to bring to our communities the limitless capacity to love, serve, and create for and with each other.” It is my ultimate goal to create work and share ideas which inspire others to believe in the possibility of a better world and take actionable steps toward it, in their personal lives and in their communities. Through my work with the Radical Mapping Project, I discovered a myriad of ways to live and work with social and environmental consciousness. These the gambit from revolutionary DJ’ing to witchcraft and herbalism practice to classic worker-cooperative organizing. I truly believe we all have gifts to give as we usher in the next world; one that is better, safer, more just, and more beautiful.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies and Education from UC Santa Cruz in 2017. I am also the recipient of the Chancellor’s and Social Science Division’s Undergraduate Research Awards for my field research and senior thesis on challenges to community organizing in poor, white, rural communities. I have years of experience in writing, facilitation, community organizing, and herbalism. For a full list of the projects I’ve been a part of and trainings I’ve taken part in, see below.

A full list of my writing, speaking, and other services can be found on my Services page.

Contact Info

I love hearing from readers about what you like about my work and what topics you’d like me to address. Please feel free to send me comments or questions.

For business inquiries: I only respond to those proposals that are a good match for my schedule and interest. If you have an opportunity for freelance or column writing or facilitation, I’m certainly interested.

  • Email: madeleinelkeller (at) gmail (dot) com
Past Projects and Clips

All clips and links to my work are under my Services page. I have initiated and participated in various community organizing and educational projects. Below is a dated list of campaigns and other initiatives, as well as relevant trainings. Please see my resume and my writer’s CV for more details.

Good Vibrations, Blog Founder and Editor, 2011-2017

Movie Making Club, Founder and President, 2011-2013

Good Vibrations Vintage, Etsy Store Owner, 2012-2016

Kresge Multicultural Education Committee Volunteer, 2013-2014

Take Back the Tap UCSC Campaign Coordinator and Member, 2014-2016

Creating Sustainable Communities, Course Creator and Facilitator, 2015

California Drought and Take Back the Tap, UCSC Bioneers Conference Workshop Facilitator, 2015

Alternative Education Panel, UCSC Bioneers Speaker, 2016

Oregon County Food Co-op, Lead Intern and Youth Council Leader, 2016

Social Justice Discussion Course, Facilitator 2016

Preparation for Field Study Course Mentor and Facilitator, 2017

Radical Mapping Project, Project Initiator and Researcher, 2017-present

Winter Training Seminar: Developing Sustainable Leadership, 2015

Diversity Facilitator Training, 2015, 2016, & 2017

Received Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies and Education, 2017

Herbalism Workshop with Darren Huckle, 2017