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How can we create justice? How can we achieve our liberation?


Hi! I’m Madeleine, and I am so happy you’re here. With all my heart and soul, I want to create a new world and culture that liberates and creates justice for all groups, and recognizes the sacredness of every human life. If you want that too, you’re in the right place. 

This world is a challenging place, full of inequality, oppression, and injustice. Navigating it, and doing the work to remake it, can be difficult, and we all have lots of questions: “How can I kill capitalism and still meet my needs?” “How can I engage in social justice work as a white person?” “What can fix the violence ingrained in our gun-happy culture?”

I have these questions too! And many, many more. Through my writing, zine-making, research, and facilitation, I attempt to find both of us some answers.

Being an activist, community organizer, a person with conscience is difficult in today’s world. There is so much we feel we can’t control, and so much oppression we can’t help but fuel through our very existence. We need strategies and tactics, for our everyday lives and our organizing work, to bring about the revolution we are dreaming and deserving of.

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I am out to find these strategies, to figure out the most radical and compassionate ways to engage in activist work, handle money and questions of worthiness, face up to our privileged identities, build community, and just figure it out!!

To figure it out, I write about it. I put together a zine on how white people can engage in social justice work, which raises funds for racial justice organizations. I founded the Radical Mapping Project, which interviews activists and organizations around the country about their strategies for social change. I write personal and freelance work about personal and business finance, racial justice, spirituality, and economic strategies. And I share it all with you!

I also speak publicly on my research and ideas, and facilitate discussions on whiteness and white engagement with racial justice. You can find a full list of my writing, speaking, and other services on my Services page.

When I’m not tackling big existential questions of liberation (at least not actively – the cogs are always turning), I cook, grow and identify plants, create herbal concoctions, dance, laugh, cry, read, and live life as a semi-rural queer on un-ceded Awaswas Ohlone territory (California’s central coast).  I also spend a lot of time researching and curating resource lists. You can find those under the Resources page, and I also keep a Pinterest board for white activists, called Whiteness Reader!

Contact Info

I love hearing from readers about what you like about my work and what topics you’d like me to address. Please feel free to send me comments or questions.

For business inquiries: I only respond to those proposals that are a good match for my schedule and interest. If you have an opportunity for freelance or column writing or facilitation, I’m certainly interested.

  • Email: madeleinelkeller (at) gmail (dot) com
Past Projects 

All clips and links to my work are under my Services page. I have initiated and participated in various community organizing and educational projects. Below is a dated list of campaigns and other initiatives, as well as relevant trainings. Please see my resume and my writer’s CV for more details.

Good Vibrations, Blog Founder and Editor, 2011-2017

Movie Making Club, Founder and President, 2011-2013

Good Vibrations Vintage, Etsy Store Owner, 2012-2016

Kresge Multicultural Education Committee Volunteer, 2013-2014

Take Back the Tap UCSC Campaign Coordinator and Member, 2014-2016

Creating Sustainable Communities, Course Creator and Facilitator, 2015

California Drought and Take Back the Tap, UCSC Bioneers Conference Workshop Facilitator, 2015

Alternative Education Panel, UCSC Bioneers Speaker, 2016

Oregon County Food Co-op, Lead Intern and Youth Council Leader, 2016

Social Justice Discussion Course, Facilitator 2016

Preparation for Field Study Course Mentor and Facilitator, 2017

Radical Mapping Project, Project Initiator and Researcher, 2017-present

Winter Training Seminar: Developing Sustainable Leadership, 2015

Diversity Facilitator Training, 2015, 2016, & 2017

Received Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies and Education, 2017

Herbalism Workshop with Darren Huckle, 2017